Prologue. Video chat app with no face?

Why do you play the video chat app that neither text chat nor voice chat?

Perhaps it’s because you want to know ‘the other’s face.’

Let me ask you one more question.

What is the most uncomfortable part in the video chatting?

Maybe you will answer the same thing as before.

Video chat apps make you enter into new relationships with others. However, the pressure of revealing your face always make you tired and exhausted, right?

Pre-Step. Simple is the best? Blur is the best!

To get rid of the anxiety in appearance, we thought that concealing the face could be the good way.  Also, we had concerned the way to eliminate the appearance when users find their new friends.

“How about blurring the video?”

Based on the one voice, Blurry has made the video chat using blur video. By using the blur video, Blurry has been able to light the inner beauty, not the outer beauty. Blurry solve the appearance problem by blur video that making chatting system sharing innermost feelings.

Main Step. Blurry’s Blur

“You said Blurry makes the blur video. Then, what is the difference between video display with blocking video by themselves in other video chats and Blurry?”

You, who has used the video chat apps, would have experiences that chat with others with blocking cameras to not to reveal your appearance. Because of these experiences, you will doubt the specialty of Blurry.

Blurry provides blur slide and blend filtered video system, not only blurred video.

Move your slide as the your mind moves, Blur slide

Blurry’s Blur Slide Screenshot

Do you find the congenial friend who is perfectly fit with you? Do you want to see the other’s face?

When you have the confidence in the relationship with friends, you can control your blur level by moving blur slide.

As permeating each other’s mind, move your blur slide slowly.

Look each other’s heart not the skin color and race, Blend filtered video

Blurry’s Blend Filtered Video Screenshot

Didn’t you have the experience that your skin color was the obstacle in making friends online?

Didn’t you miss the tie with somebody who is perfectly fit with me because of your prejudice on race or skin color?

Blurry has worried about these experiences and concerned the solutions to reconnect ties between users who lost relations because of these kinds of prejudices. The answer is blend filtered video that is not able to recognize one’s race and skin color.  


Blurry has been developed focusing on blur video. Also, Blurry has kept trying to catch your needs upon our app, Blurry. 

If you are the one who consider the inner dialogue,

If you are the one who want to find real friends with concealing face,

If you are the one who is tired of other video chat apps,

How about starting your first step in Blurry?

The one and only friend who reconnect your yarn of the relationship, Blurry

BLoving UR Relationship and Yourself, BLURRY

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