First step: join, the procedure to enter into the blurry hot-air balloon

◀ Simple and basic joining procedure that only needs your age and gender

The only thing you have to do is just to join us with simple step, joining.

Most apps need lots of personal information with several reasons.

However, Blurry considers your hardship of problems in privacy. So, we decides to collect information related with your age and gender.

Second step: Having global friend trip with Blurry by pressing start button

◀  Trip with Blurry’s hot-air balloon that provides the chance to meet the one and only friend of your life

You can meet lots of friends in the world even in the opposite site of the earth.

Nothing but your sincerity and cellphone is needed for blurry.

Burdenless conversation 
with blurred video ▶

You don’t have to worry about problems related to your appearances.

Your video is blurred and blurred video won’t disappear until you control the blur slide. 

Getting enough trust from your friends, you can control your own blur slide. It helps you to control the degree of blurred filter whenever and wherever you want. 

Third step: Having a sincere conversation with your future best friend, Matching System!

◀ Matching system that limits time for 100 seconds to talk with others

As you know, Blurry provides the matching system with friends throughout the world based on GPS.

When you match with other person, you have 100 seconds to search the other’s heart.

If you want to get to be a friend with counterpart,  you have to send your ‘heart’  within 100 seconds.

If you want to reject to be a friend with counterpart, don’t respond. Then, Blurry will find other friends for you.

The one and only friend who reconnect your yarn of the relationship, Blurry

BLoving UR Relationship and Yourself, BLURRY

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