Blurred video chat: Blind live video chatting

With Blurry’s blurred video display, users can focus on conversation, not their appearances. 

After becoming friends with others, other users can’t remove your blurred filter. Only you can control your own blur slide as you like.

Blurry helps users to reduce prejudice on race and skin colors by offering blend filtered system, a filter that dims colors.

Joining our free matching system!

Blurry offers the free matching system that is unique in random chatting apps or social dating apps. Without paying money or having extra monetary stuffs, users can match with other users throughout the world. 

Also, Blurry cares users’ waiting time. Blurry makes the ‘youtube button’ that is linked to the Youtube site and users can enjoy Youtube videos while waiting the matching.

The best matching system ever with data collecting!

The cancelling and rejecting act not to be friends with others is not time wasting.  With this process, Blurry is collecting the data that helps to find who is best person for your interest and what kind of person do you like. 

Several installments to deal with safety issue

Blurry enables users to use the app without personal information. This decision is based on thinking that many people takes mental  burden in revealing their information because of worrying the abusing of personal information.

Furthermore,  filtering system based on related algorithm will help you not to meet perverts or other strange people. 

The one and only friend who reconnect your yarn of the relationship, Blurry

BLoving UR Relationship and Yourself, BLURRY

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