Hello, I’m an user who is using Blurry.

The reason that I wrote this letter is to deliver my thanks to you, Blurry.

Actually, I have used lots of chat apps meanwhile. Using various kinds of chat apps, I have felt sorrow and frustration instead of happiness.

Most people who use chat apps want to be friends with ‘handsome/beautiful face’, not me.

Because of this reason, I, the normal face, have been not popular on chat apps which shows each other’s faces.

Additionally, I have been sad because all the people who do not care about my face and take long conversation with me have continuous relationship with me.

Then, I met Blurry.

Blurry is the video chat app which has blurred filter video and makes people have conversation with others without face. Certainly, I had have less sad experiences related to face stuffs because people don’t communicate with each other based on faces. Furthermore, Blurry is fresher and funnier than I thought.

However, my scars from other chat apps couldn’t be healed easily.

In the meanwhile, I met one friend in Blurry.

As the talking with the friend was getting longer, I had have anxious mind. The mind, thinking, that if the friend disappoints my face and eventually I lose this friend.

One day, the friend said to me to open our faces.

To that saying, I answered that I am little cautious on revealing face because my face is not that great.

The saying the friend said at that time couldn’t be forgotten until now.

“Every person is beautiful, So is you.”

The friend told me that every person is beautiful, so am I. I felt that the one saying healed my entire scars and pains.

Since then, I and the friend reveal each other’s face and we have been together with continuous exchange.

If I or the friend saw each other’s face first, could we be a good friend like this?

It would be happened if the face opened first like other apps that I judged the friend by appearance and passed by.

Blurry, thank you very much.


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