Origin of Hyperity Corporation

Samsung Electronics & VR

Before being spun off from Samsung Electronics, our focus was on VR/AR technology. We developed monitorless technology with VR/AR displays.
After the spin off, we started to think about producing software items that can apply our hardware technology. This is how we got interested in social network.

Software? Social Network!

We thought social network service would be the best way to apply our technology to expand the business.
Starting from connecting people, we focused on how people communicate with technology. There was random chatting in the beginning, then moved to audio call, and then to the video call…Yes, video call!
We took all the advantages that video call has such as intuitiveness, quickness, and real conversation with voices.
Plus, we eliminated huge disadvantage of video call, which is the invasion of privacy.
By putting blur effect on video call screens, we blocked the way to judge each other by physical appearances. Users don’t have to hesitate before they call to the stranger.
They can freely talk as usual and can shrink the blur level as much as they want.

Where are we up to?

We are constantly updating ‘Blurry’ to keep our identity as a global blur video chat application.
Until the day when nobody gets discrimination regarding appearance, we will continue our journey!