Blurry's Social Media Channels

As an app connecting people together, Blurry is communicating with its users in many ways. 
Here are the social media channels we use!

1. App Store & Play Store

‘Blurry’ is an app, which you can download from Apple app store or Google play store. 
All of your reviews are carefully considered by our team, so please do not hesitate to leave comments on stores.

2. Blog

Our blog is in Korean. If you can read Korean and need more detailed information about the app, relevant events, and entertaining contents, please visit the site.
한국어로 운영되는 네이버 블로그입니다. 회사와 어플에 대한 정보 뿐 아니라 재밌는 컨텐츠들도 올리고 있으니 방문해 보세요!

3. Instagram

We have 3 Instagram accounts. Have a look at the following accounts based on your preferred language.
– Korean (blurry_kr):
– English (blurry_global):
– Chinese (blurry_ch):

4. Facebook & Youtube

Blurry also has Facebook page and Youtube channel, where we upload various events and promotional videos.
Links are on the menu of this website in forms of icons.

5. Email

Please email us if you have any enquiries.