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Today, we’re going to learn about one of the key phrases from the BTS song that you’re familiar with – “Boy with Luv.”

See if you find the lyrics sung by J-Hope familiar:

Learn Korean with Korean Tutor – Learn Korean with BTS

🎵그저 널 지킬 거야 난, Boy with Luv🎵

I just want to keep you safe, Boy with luv

◆ Let’s break it down!

그저 [geu-jeo] in Korean means: just, only, or simply.

So when J-Hope says, “그저 지킬 거야 난” he means, I just simply wanted to keep you safe. Now isn’t that just sweet – or should I say, 그저 스윗하지 않나요?

그저 [geu-jeo] It is used to sound subtle and show that you’re not so greedy or passionate.

◆ Let’s take a look at other examples using 그저 [geu-jeo]:

그저 웃기만 했어요. He was just smiling.

제 말을 그저 믿어 주세요. Just trust me.


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