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It’s an honor [영광이에요]

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Are you a fan of K-POP? If you are, you’ve come to the right place! And even if you didn’t come with your intention, why not browse a bit of K-Pop into your life? You might pick up several key Korean expressions and words that might come in handy someday!

Let’s start with what Rose said about BlackPink’s collaboration on their new song – Ice Cream – with Selena Gomez!

BlackPink collaborated with Selena Gomez!

셀레나 고메즈와 이렇게 콜라보를 하게 되어서 너무 너무 영광이고요.

Rose – BlackPink
Learn Korean with BlackPink
> Let’s break this down!

영광 [young-gwang] means ‘honor’ or ‘glory’ in English.

So 영광 + 입니다/이에요 means ‘it is truly an honor’ or ‘my great pleasure’

Rose expresses that it was such an honor for her and the BlackPink members to get this opportunity to collaborate with Selena Gomez. Her modest attitude just warms up our hearts – doesn’t it?

> Let’s look at other examples!

실제로 뵙다니 정말 영광이네요. – It is such an honor to meet you in real life.

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