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Which one is more [뭐가 더]

Ever thought studying Korean was just a bit too hard?

Study Korean with BlackPink and other K-pop stars! Studying Korean doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you are a fan of K-pop and enjoy the K-pop scene, your learning will be fast and easy!

Take a look at this clip of the BlackPink members making quick snacks for their pets.

Jennie is making snacks for her pet.

Jennie says,

뭐가 더 간단해요, 선생님?

Which one is more simple, teacher?

She wants to know if it is easier to make the gimbap (what she’s making) than the muffin (which Lisa and Rose are making). 

So the full version of this question should be:

김밥과 머핀중에 뭐가 더 만들기 간단해요?

Which one is more simple to make, Gimbap or muffin?


‣ ‘뭐가 더‘ – which one is (more)

‣ 간단해요 – simple

There’s a grammar rule to this:

‣ A 와/과 B 중에 = (Between) A and B / A or B

‣ If noun (object) ends with a consonant, add (김밥과)

‣ If noun (object) ends with a vowel, add (피자와)

For example:

‣ 수학과 영어중에 뭐가 더 쉬워요? – Which subject is easier, math or English?

Now that you’ve mastered a Korean sentence from Jennie, try to make one on your own! Also, try the speaking and listening task from the Korean Tutor App.

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