Learn Korean with K-drama, Start-Up (스타트업)

“Start-Up” is one of the most awaited K-Dramas of 2020. It stars two of the most well-liked Hallyu stars – Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk.

It’s about the story of young people who dream of success, working at start-ups in the Korean Silicon Valley (aka: the Pangyo Techno Valley).

Let’s look at one of the highlight scenes from the drama where Suzy (Dal-mi) and Nam Joo-hyuk (Nam Do-san) meet at the party they were invited to by Dal-mi’s sister.

Here, Dal-mi tells Do-san, “I missed you, a lot.” Now let’s learn how to say this in Korean with the Korean Tutor App.

✔️ 보고 싶었어 (bo-go sip-eoss-eo)

Now let’s learn Korean with the Korean Tutor app!


Now let’s break this down!

The basic verb form of “보고” is “보다” which means, ‘to see.’ “싶었어” means “wanted to.” Hence, this phrase means “I wanted to see you” which really translates to “I missed you.”

Let’s look at examples using this phrase!
  • 이 영화 정말 보고 싶었어. / I really wanted to see this movie.
  • 오랜만이야 보고 싶었어. / It’s been so long I’ve missed you.

Now you’ve learned a new Korean phrase. Practice and say it to a friend, a family, or a loved one!

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