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TWICE, the leadning k-pop female idol group of JYP entertainment has made a grand comeback on October 26, 2020. October is a special month for this girl group, as it marks the 5th anniversary of their debut.

Twice members
The second full album, Eyes Wide Open released on October 26th

The title track of their 2nd Full Album Eyes Wide Open is “I Can’t Stop Me.’ Let’s watch a short clip of their dazzling music video and learn the Korean expression of “getting sucked into the darkness.”


Repeat this sentence: 어둠 속으로 빨려 들어 (Get sucked into the darkness)

Let’s break it down:

어둠 속으로 [eo-dum sog-eu-lo]

빨려 들어 [ppal-lyeo deul-eo]

▪️어둠 = darkness

▪️빨려 들어 (빨려 들다) = to be sucked in


▪️먼지가 청소기로 빨려 들어갔어요. = The dust got sucked into the vacuum.

▪️블랙홀에 별이 빨려 들어갔다. = The star got sucked into the black hole.

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