A Fun way to Learn Korean for FREE with K-POP | BTS

Why does learning a new language always have to be exhausting and difficult? Why can’t the process be more fun, interactive, and most importantly, FREE?

If you’re just a newbie to Korean,

the Korean language may seem quite daunting and intimidating at first. That’s why it’s not always a good idea to start off with the technicalities and memorizing a superfluous vocab list.

Learn Korean for Free with K-POP | BTS

If you’re a fan of K-POP or K-DRAMA

and just want to get a little more sense of Korean, we suggest you start off with something a little less intensive. for instance, why not learn Korean from the Korean TV shows, K-dramas, and music videos of your favorite K-POP stars?

Check out this video of BTS below. See how you can learn Korean by watching your K-POP stars online!

Try learning with BTS and read aloud the sentence :

기분 탓이에요? [gi-bun tas-i-e-yo]

Here, 기분 means “a feeling, vibe, sense” and 탓 means “a fault.”

To hone you in on more context, the boys are playing a game that’s popular in Korean called ‘무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다.’  This game starts off with the person who is “it” or as we call it in Korean, “술래” [sool-leh].  In this game, Jin is the ‘sool-leh’ and he turns around at random intervals to check if his members are moving.  If he catches someone moving – even slightly – that person has to come up and grab Jin’s hand. 

Jin reading the MC card

In this video, Jin looks behind him and claims that he saw a few members move. The members try to convince him that it was just a FEELING and that they hadn’t actually moved. Hence, Jin says “기분 탓이에요?” (Is it just a feeling that I saw you move?)

Ready to learn more Korean with K-POP stars and K-DRAMA?

It’s SIMPLE, just follow these steps :

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