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Inside MINO’s “Run Away” MV

MINO’s Comeback

On October 30th, Song MINO has made a comeback and released the new solo album “TAKE.” The title track of this album, “Run Away” integrates a very powerful hook and a very deep message that’s delivered by MINO’s excellent rap articulation. 

Fast Iconic Rap

One of the iconic moments in the track is when MINO spills out the rap super fast. At one point, he says “가버려, 코빼기도 보이지 않게” which means “get out of my sight, once and for all” and “이름도 바꾸고 성형도 잔뜩 해서” which means that he wishes the ex would change her name and face so that he wouldn’t recognize her any longer. He wishes that he wouldn’t even recognize his ex-girlfriend even when she is right in front of him – “코앞에 두고도 못 알아보다.”

Let’s try to learn Korean idioms with K-POP stars – in this case, MINO!

Let’s watch the video for more context!

Korean Idiom – Right Under Your Nose

In English, this translates to “be right under your nose.”

The expression “코 앞에 두고도 못 알아보다” is a popular Korean idiom that means to “be right under your nose.” 코 means “nose” and 앞 “in front.” 못 알아보다 means “cannot recognize” so MINO hopes that he would not be able to recognize his ex even if she is standing right in front of him, or “right under his nose.”

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