K-Drama “Start-Up” has been a huge hit across South Korea and across the globe.

Two top Hallyu stars are starring in this drama. It’s none other than Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk. Kim Seonho is also one of the lead actors and he’s actually been getting even more attention than the first lead, Nam Joo Hyuk. He’s become induced the symptoms of the deadly “second lead syndrome” to many K-Drama fans.
Kim Seon Ho from K-Drama Start-up induces second lead syndrome
Second Lead Syndrome, or SLS is when you root for the second male lead in a drama and wish the female lead would choose him although you know that it wouldn’t happen. An example would be Kim Hyun Joong in the K-Drama, Boys Over Flowers that aired in 2009. In this drama, Kim Hyun Joong ached the hearts of many K-Drama fans, as his character was so sweet and gentle compared to the arrogant and self-centered role carried out by Lee Min Ho.
Jipyeong gets ready to tell Dalmi the truth about his feelings
In this scene, Suzy (Dalmi) and Seonho (Jipyeong) have a chilling conversation. Dalmi is still in shock that Dosan and Jipyeong have tricked her. Jipyeong tries and convinces her that they didn’t intend anything to hurt her. He tries to cover a little for Dosan, which is really nice of him, considering what he’s about to tell her.


K-Drama Start-up induces second lead syndrome

In the scene above, Jipyeong tells Dalmi that he had feelings for her all this time. He delivers his straightforward and bold message to her, “내가 서달미 씨를 좋아해요” (I really like you Dalmi).
Check out this scene where Jipyeong confesses his feelings for Dalmi and how the K-Drama, Start-up induces second lead syndrome.
Now, viewers are curious – what will be the end of this loveline? Start-Up fans think Seonho is too good to be just seen as the second lead, and that he needs a chance with Dalmi too.


Curious to find out what happens to these lovebirds?

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