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Video call dating app with blurred faces

Blurry is a dating app with blurred-screen video call. This concept derives from the idea to focus more on the inside than the physical appearance.

Even if it is online dating, Blurry wanted it to be real, or at least not too casual.

To do that, we let you talk first before you see the partner. When both like each other from the conversation, you can manually control the blur level only to the extent you want to open your face. The blur level is applied equally on both screens, with the level of the one who set it higher than the other. 

Other than this innovative idea, Blurry obviously operates traditional chat function, so that you can continue connections via text messages. It also runs free translators of 14 languages, meaning that you can easily make foreign friends as well.

Moreover, you can do other things with your phone while waiting for the match. The matching process will continue on your background and will notify as soon as it finds your partner.

So, why don’t you download and try Blurry?