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K-Drama “Start-Up” Induces the Second Lead Syndrome

K-Drama “Start-Up” has been a huge hit across South Korea and across the globe.

Two top Hallyu stars are starring in this drama. It’s none other than Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk. Kim Seonho is also one of the lead actors and he’s actually been getting even more attention than the first lead, Nam Joo Hyuk. He’s become induced the symptoms of the deadly “second lead syndrome” to many K-Drama fans.
Kim Seon Ho from K-Drama Start-up induces second lead syndrome
Second Lead Syndrome, or SLS is when you root for the second male lead in a drama and wish the female lead would choose him although you know that it wouldn’t happen. An example would be Kim Hyun Joong in the K-Drama, Boys Over Flowers that aired in 2009. In this drama, Kim Hyun Joong ached the hearts of many K-Drama fans, as his character was so sweet and gentle compared to the arrogant and self-centered role carried out by Lee Min Ho.
Jipyeong gets ready to tell Dalmi the truth about his feelings
In this scene, Suzy (Dalmi) and Seonho (Jipyeong) have a chilling conversation. Dalmi is still in shock that Dosan and Jipyeong have tricked her. Jipyeong tries and convinces her that they didn’t intend anything to hurt her. He tries to cover a little for Dosan, which is really nice of him, considering what he’s about to tell her.


K-Drama Start-up induces second lead syndrome

In the scene above, Jipyeong tells Dalmi that he had feelings for her all this time. He delivers his straightforward and bold message to her, “내가 서달미 씨를 좋아해요” (I really like you Dalmi).
Check out this scene where Jipyeong confesses his feelings for Dalmi and how the K-Drama, Start-up induces second lead syndrome.
Now, viewers are curious – what will be the end of this loveline? Start-Up fans think Seonho is too good to be just seen as the second lead, and that he needs a chance with Dalmi too.


Curious to find out what happens to these lovebirds?

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Learn Korean Idioms with K-POP Stars

Hey K-POPPERS, guess what’s new on the K-POP scene!

Inside MINO’s “Run Away” MV

MINO’s Comeback

On October 30th, Song MINO has made a comeback and released the new solo album “TAKE.” The title track of this album, “Run Away” integrates a very powerful hook and a very deep message that’s delivered by MINO’s excellent rap articulation. 

Fast Iconic Rap

One of the iconic moments in the track is when MINO spills out the rap super fast. At one point, he says “가버려, 코빼기도 보이지 않게” which means “get out of my sight, once and for all” and “이름도 바꾸고 성형도 잔뜩 해서” which means that he wishes the ex would change her name and face so that he wouldn’t recognize her any longer. He wishes that he wouldn’t even recognize his ex-girlfriend even when she is right in front of him – “코앞에 두고도 못 알아보다.”

Let’s try to learn Korean idioms with K-POP stars – in this case, MINO!

Let’s watch the video for more context!

Korean Idiom – Right Under Your Nose

In English, this translates to “be right under your nose.”

The expression “코 앞에 두고도 못 알아보다” is a popular Korean idiom that means to “be right under your nose.” 코 means “nose” and 앞 “in front.” 못 알아보다 means “cannot recognize” so MINO hopes that he would not be able to recognize his ex even if she is standing right in front of him, or “right under his nose.”

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Korean Drama | The Tale of a Gumiho

Get your drama hats on guys! TvN has just released a fantasy tale starring some of your most beloved Korean stars. The drama is none other than ‘The Tale of a Gumiho’ (2020).

Gumiho poster
The Tale of a Gumiho (2020)

The main casts of this drama are Lee Dong-wook, Jo Bo-ah, and Kim Bum. Lee Dong-wook is a popular actor in South Korea who has secured a huge fandom overseas due to the “Goblin boom” in 2016. Fans cheered for his unique sense of humor and handsome looks in the drama ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (도깨비)’ and are excited to see what he’s about to show us in this impending drama. Dong-wook has become an emblem of odd, fantasy characters like the reaper in the Goblin and in this drama, Gumiho – a creature from the old Korean folk tales.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the backdrop of ‘Gumiho,’ here are a few pointers that are useful to know:

#1 The Nine-Tailed Fox

Gumiho is an imaginary character that is believed to have magical powers. Legend has it that Gumiho is a fox that possesses nine tails, has lived for over a thousand-years eating human liver. Some say that it is a spirit of a fox with supernatural powers. 

#2 A Female Fox

In the original Korean folk tale, Gumiho is actually a woman. Therefore, it is quite strange that this role is being carried out by Lee Dong-wook.

#3 Dreadful Monster, or just a fox that wants to become human?

In Korean legend, Gumiho is portrayed as an intimidating character that turns into a woman that captures and eats a human’s liver. However, there’s also the side of the Gumiho that draws on the humane feelings of sorrow and longing. If a Gumiho marries a human and stays undetected for 100 days, it can become a human. However, most humans leave Gumiho when they realize its true identity as a fox. 

Now that you’ve got some background story, let’s look at this scene from  Gumiho!

From this scene, let’s learn the Korean words related to time and year:

▪️시간 = time, hour (1시간 = 1 hour)

▪️년 = year (1년 = 1 year)

Now try reading the main sentence that appeared in this video:

▪️24시간이 아니라, 24년도 앉아있을 수 있어.

▪️I can sit here for not just 24 hours, but 24 years.

Finally, let’s use these words in a sentence!

▪️서울까지 3시간 걸렸어요. It took me 3 hours to get to Seoul.

▪️한국 간지 5년 넘었어요. It’s been over 5 years since I’ve gone to Korea.

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Study Korean with TWICE

Study Korean by watching music videos of K-POP Idols

TWICE, the leadning k-pop female idol group of JYP entertainment has made a grand comeback on October 26, 2020. October is a special month for this girl group, as it marks the 5th anniversary of their debut.

Twice members
The second full album, Eyes Wide Open released on October 26th

The title track of their 2nd Full Album Eyes Wide Open is “I Can’t Stop Me.’ Let’s watch a short clip of their dazzling music video and learn the Korean expression of “getting sucked into the darkness.”


Repeat this sentence: 어둠 속으로 빨려 들어 (Get sucked into the darkness)

Let’s break it down:

어둠 속으로 [eo-dum sog-eu-lo]

빨려 들어 [ppal-lyeo deul-eo]

▪️어둠 = darkness

▪️빨려 들어 (빨려 들다) = to be sucked in


▪️먼지가 청소기로 빨려 들어갔어요. = The dust got sucked into the vacuum.

▪️블랙홀에 별이 빨려 들어갔다. = The star got sucked into the black hole.

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Learn Korean with K-drama, Start-Up

Learn Korean with K-drama, Start-Up (스타트업)

“Start-Up” is one of the most awaited K-Dramas of 2020. It stars two of the most well-liked Hallyu stars – Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk.

It’s about the story of young people who dream of success, working at start-ups in the Korean Silicon Valley (aka: the Pangyo Techno Valley).

Let’s look at one of the highlight scenes from the drama where Suzy (Dal-mi) and Nam Joo-hyuk (Nam Do-san) meet at the party they were invited to by Dal-mi’s sister.

Here, Dal-mi tells Do-san, “I missed you, a lot.” Now let’s learn how to say this in Korean with the Korean Tutor App.

✔️ 보고 싶었어 (bo-go sip-eoss-eo)

Now let’s learn Korean with the Korean Tutor app!


Now let’s break this down!

The basic verb form of “보고” is “보다” which means, ‘to see.’ “싶었어” means “wanted to.” Hence, this phrase means “I wanted to see you” which really translates to “I missed you.”

Let’s look at examples using this phrase!
  • 이 영화 정말 보고 싶었어. / I really wanted to see this movie.
  • 오랜만이야 보고 싶었어. / It’s been so long I’ve missed you.

Now you’ve learned a new Korean phrase. Practice and say it to a friend, a family, or a loved one!

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Study Korean with BlackPink

Study Korean with BlackPink

Which one is more [뭐가 더]

Ever thought studying Korean was just a bit too hard?

Study Korean with BlackPink and other K-pop stars! Studying Korean doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you are a fan of K-pop and enjoy the K-pop scene, your learning will be fast and easy!

Take a look at this clip of the BlackPink members making quick snacks for their pets.

Jennie is making snacks for her pet.

Jennie says,

뭐가 더 간단해요, 선생님?

Which one is more simple, teacher?

She wants to know if it is easier to make the gimbap (what she’s making) than the muffin (which Lisa and Rose are making). 

So the full version of this question should be:

김밥과 머핀중에 뭐가 더 만들기 간단해요?

Which one is more simple to make, Gimbap or muffin?


‣ ‘뭐가 더‘ – which one is (more)

‣ 간단해요 – simple

There’s a grammar rule to this:

‣ A 와/과 B 중에 = (Between) A and B / A or B

‣ If noun (object) ends with a consonant, add (김밥과)

‣ If noun (object) ends with a vowel, add (피자와)

For example:

‣ 수학과 영어중에 뭐가 더 쉬워요? – Which subject is easier, math or English?

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Learn Korean with BlackPink

Learn Korean with BlackPink

It’s an honor [영광이에요]

Learn Korean words with BlackPink!

BlackPink in your Area!

Are you a fan of K-POP? If you are, you’ve come to the right place! And even if you didn’t come with your intention, why not browse a bit of K-Pop into your life? You might pick up several key Korean expressions and words that might come in handy someday!

Let’s start with what Rose said about BlackPink’s collaboration on their new song – Ice Cream – with Selena Gomez!

BlackPink collaborated with Selena Gomez!

셀레나 고메즈와 이렇게 콜라보를 하게 되어서 너무 너무 영광이고요.

Rose – BlackPink
Learn Korean with BlackPink
> Let’s break this down!

영광 [young-gwang] means ‘honor’ or ‘glory’ in English.

So 영광 + 입니다/이에요 means ‘it is truly an honor’ or ‘my great pleasure’

Rose expresses that it was such an honor for her and the BlackPink members to get this opportunity to collaborate with Selena Gomez. Her modest attitude just warms up our hearts – doesn’t it?

> Let’s look at other examples!

실제로 뵙다니 정말 영광이네요. – It is such an honor to meet you in real life.

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