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Learn Korean with Bangtan

Learn Korean with Bangtan!

Learn Korean with Bangtan – the hottest Korean boy band ! Start your learning with Korean Tutor!

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🎵보고 싶다 – 너무 야속한 시간🎵

[bo-go sip-da – neo-mu ya-sog-han si-gan]

Learn how to say “time is not on our side” from the BTS song, Spring Day [봄날]!

◆ 시간이 야속해요 [si-gan-i ya-sog-hae-yo]

Learn the meaning!

◆ 야속하다 means: to be hard on, behave coldly or bitter towards.

◆ Let’s look at the sentences below and see how it is used in different contexts!

Learn the variations!

◆ 왜 이렇게 야속하게 굴어요? ‣ Why are you behaving so coldly?

◆ 나를 믿어주지 않는 사람들에게 야속한 마음이 들어요. ‣ I feel bitter towards people who do not trust me.

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