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Learn Korean with K-drama, Start-Up

Learn Korean with K-drama, Start-Up (스타트업)

“Start-Up” is one of the most awaited K-Dramas of 2020. It stars two of the most well-liked Hallyu stars – Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk.

It’s about the story of young people who dream of success, working at start-ups in the Korean Silicon Valley (aka: the Pangyo Techno Valley).

Let’s look at one of the highlight scenes from the drama where Suzy (Dal-mi) and Nam Joo-hyuk (Nam Do-san) meet at the party they were invited to by Dal-mi’s sister.

Here, Dal-mi tells Do-san, “I missed you, a lot.” Now let’s learn how to say this in Korean with the Korean Tutor App.

✔️ 보고 싶었어 (bo-go sip-eoss-eo)

Now let’s learn Korean with the Korean Tutor app!


Now let’s break this down!

The basic verb form of “보고” is “보다” which means, ‘to see.’ “싶었어” means “wanted to.” Hence, this phrase means “I wanted to see you” which really translates to “I missed you.”

Let’s look at examples using this phrase!
  • 이 영화 정말 보고 싶었어. / I really wanted to see this movie.
  • 오랜만이야 보고 싶었어. / It’s been so long I’ve missed you.

Now you’ve learned a new Korean phrase. Practice and say it to a friend, a family, or a loved one!

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Study Korean with BlackPink

Study Korean with BlackPink

Which one is more [뭐가 더]

Ever thought studying Korean was just a bit too hard?

Study Korean with BlackPink and other K-pop stars! Studying Korean doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you are a fan of K-pop and enjoy the K-pop scene, your learning will be fast and easy!

Take a look at this clip of the BlackPink members making quick snacks for their pets.

Jennie is making snacks for her pet.

Jennie says,

뭐가 더 간단해요, 선생님?

Which one is more simple, teacher?

She wants to know if it is easier to make the gimbap (what she’s making) than the muffin (which Lisa and Rose are making). 

So the full version of this question should be:

김밥과 머핀중에 뭐가 더 만들기 간단해요?

Which one is more simple to make, Gimbap or muffin?


‣ ‘뭐가 더‘ – which one is (more)

‣ 간단해요 – simple

There’s a grammar rule to this:

‣ A 와/과 B 중에 = (Between) A and B / A or B

‣ If noun (object) ends with a consonant, add (김밥과)

‣ If noun (object) ends with a vowel, add (피자와)

For example:

‣ 수학과 영어중에 뭐가 더 쉬워요? – Which subject is easier, math or English?

Now that you’ve mastered a Korean sentence from Jennie, try to make one on your own! Also, try the speaking and listening task from the Korean Tutor App.

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Learn Korean with BlackPink

Learn Korean with BlackPink

It’s an honor [영광이에요]

Learn Korean words with BlackPink!

BlackPink in your Area!

Are you a fan of K-POP? If you are, you’ve come to the right place! And even if you didn’t come with your intention, why not browse a bit of K-Pop into your life? You might pick up several key Korean expressions and words that might come in handy someday!

Let’s start with what Rose said about BlackPink’s collaboration on their new song – Ice Cream – with Selena Gomez!

BlackPink collaborated with Selena Gomez!

셀레나 고메즈와 이렇게 콜라보를 하게 되어서 너무 너무 영광이고요.

Rose – BlackPink
Learn Korean with BlackPink
> Let’s break this down!

영광 [young-gwang] means ‘honor’ or ‘glory’ in English.

So 영광 + 입니다/이에요 means ‘it is truly an honor’ or ‘my great pleasure’

Rose expresses that it was such an honor for her and the BlackPink members to get this opportunity to collaborate with Selena Gomez. Her modest attitude just warms up our hearts – doesn’t it?

> Let’s look at other examples!

실제로 뵙다니 정말 영광이네요. – It is such an honor to meet you in real life.

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Learn Korean with BTS

Learn Korean with BTS J-Hope!

Learn Korean with BTS – Korean Tutor is a fascinating way to learn Korean. You can learn Korean watching your favorite k-pop stars – BTS, BlackPink, SuperM, EXO, NCT – you name it!

Today, we’re going to learn about one of the key phrases from the BTS song that you’re familiar with – “Boy with Luv.”

See if you find the lyrics sung by J-Hope familiar:

Learn Korean with Korean Tutor – Learn Korean with BTS

🎵그저 널 지킬 거야 난, Boy with Luv🎵

I just want to keep you safe, Boy with luv

◆ Let’s break it down!

그저 [geu-jeo] in Korean means: just, only, or simply.

So when J-Hope says, “그저 지킬 거야 난” he means, I just simply wanted to keep you safe. Now isn’t that just sweet – or should I say, 그저 스윗하지 않나요?

그저 [geu-jeo] It is used to sound subtle and show that you’re not so greedy or passionate.

◆ Let’s take a look at other examples using 그저 [geu-jeo]:

그저 웃기만 했어요. He was just smiling.

제 말을 그저 믿어 주세요. Just trust me.


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Learn Korean with Bangtan

Learn Korean with Bangtan!

Learn Korean with Bangtan – the hottest Korean boy band ! Start your learning with Korean Tutor!

Learn Korean with J-Hope!

🎵보고 싶다 – 너무 야속한 시간🎵

[bo-go sip-da – neo-mu ya-sog-han si-gan]

Learn how to say “time is not on our side” from the BTS song, Spring Day [봄날]!

◆ 시간이 야속해요 [si-gan-i ya-sog-hae-yo]

Learn the meaning!

◆ 야속하다 means: to be hard on, behave coldly or bitter towards.

◆ Let’s look at the sentences below and see how it is used in different contexts!

Learn the variations!

◆ 왜 이렇게 야속하게 굴어요? ‣ Why are you behaving so coldly?

◆ 나를 믿어주지 않는 사람들에게 야속한 마음이 들어요. ‣ I feel bitter towards people who do not trust me.

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