Blurry: Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can sign up with your existing accounts from either Facebook, Google, Kakao, or Line.

Blueberry membership enables more comfortable user environment.
– No advertisement
– Unlimited boost
– Rear camera
– Message read check
– Unlimited translation
You can choose from 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months of membership at different discount rates.

Diamonds can shorten your matching process. You can use boost with diamonds.
You can either purchase diamonds or get free diamonds by inviting your friends to Blurry.

Blurry runs in 14 languages.
Korean, English and Mandarin are fluent enough. Other languages including German, Malay, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, Japanese, Turkish, Portuguese, and French are up to Google translator level.

As Blurry operates in multiple languages, people from various regions are joining everyday.
– By country: South Korea > Turkey > US > India > Japan > Germany > UK > Italy > Philippines > Saudi Arabia 
– By age: 18-24 > 25-34 > 35-44 > 45-54